So, I don’t have any official pictures of my bread. I just take them with my camera when I remember to…which is not often…this is my only picture so far! This is my honey wheat bread. It is made with cottage cheese; I know, sounds odd. BUT, it actually keeps the bread moist. The wheat flour tends to produce a drier bread, but the cottage cheese keeps it nice and moist. I read that you’re supposed to let bread cool completely before slicing it, so the flavors are the strongest. I have such a hard time waiting! Warm honey wheat bread is just so good. Not to toot my own horn or anything!

This would be defined as a batch of honey wheat – 2 loaves, same kind. My recipe makes 2 loaves. $9 per batch. Or $5 a loaf.

I will continue to add photos as I remember to take them after baking and wrapping.My business card, shown above, will be updated in the next few months to include a different web address…this one. 🙂


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