A First Time for Everything

So, I have a blog. Never thought I’d hear (or see, in this case) myself say that. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, “What do I feel I have enough experience in to share with others?” I couldn’t really think of anything until the other day a friend informed me of a website, about.com, that was looking for a Stay-at-Home Mom Guide for their Stay-at-Home Mom category and blogs. The description seemed like something I could do – write a couple blogs and/or articles about SAHM things, so I applied. I haven’t heard back yet, since they said it could take up to 8 weeks for them to get through all the applications. I don’t expect that I’ll get the job; I know there are WAY more qualified women out there who could do the job. Since then, though, I started thinking about starting my own blog about mom-related things like groceries and babies and meals. I still don’t have all my thoughts together on how to approach each topic, but I figured now is as good a time as any to get it up and running at least. Hopefully, everyone will enjoy my topics.

I read a lot about cooking, baking, budgeting and child-rearing, so this is not going to be all my own advice or tips. BUT, I will share things I’ve learned from my own experiences as a Mother and Homemaker that have helped us function a little more smoothly and have even saved us a few bucks. Bear with me. It might take a little while before THIS runs a little more smoothly. I do look forward to anyone else’s advice or tips/techniques on any topics related to motherhood, being a homemaker, cooking, cleaning, children, etc.

Enjoy the posts to follow. Please add comments/critique regarding my posts. Feel free to give your own advice. Thanks, in advance, for reading!


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