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Random Tips

Lately, I have had several situations that required some out-of-the-ordinary solutions. Between my mother, blogs I’ve come across, and books I’ve read I was able to find just the right thing to remedy these issues.

Here’s a list of some random tips, in case you’re ever in need :) :

1. Use a safety-pin to stop static cling. Pin the safety-pin on the underside of your skirt/dress (making sure you can’t see it from the front, of course!) and it will get rid of static cling.

I did this for the mother of the bride at my friend’s wedding, and it worked instantly!

2. Mix baking soda and water to make a paste for removing stains from the carpet. Apply the paste to the stain/mark and rub. After it dries, vacuum up the dried baking soda. (This paste seems to work better than using Oxi-Clean, as it doesn’t discolor any carpets.)

My wonderful children marked up my in-laws’ cream carpet with a red dry erase marker recently. I whipped up the baking soda paste and it removed the marker right away!

3. Use the “goop” right off an aloe vera plant for sunburns…and save yourself some money!

I bought Iris an aloe vera plant for a lesson in responsibility, and it came in handy just the other day. My girls all had red, painful shoulders after playing outside all day. When they finished baths, we broke off a piece of the plant and rubbed it right on their skin. They felt better immediately, although Addy thought it was “yucky” to put plant guts on her. :)

4. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer. I used it all winter on Buddy’s cheeks, as they seemed to get chapped or dry any time we went outside. It works great to relieve dry skin, and it smells great. An added bonus is that if the child moves while you’re applying it to his cheeks and some of it goes in his mouth (which happened several times)…it’s ok for him to eat! Buddy sees the coconut oil container and says “cheeks!” each time now.

5. Tea tree oil works great on acne! While breastfeeding, I have such a hard time with acne. My hormones are all over the place; I feel like I’m 15 again. :( BUT, I have found great results with a good diet and tea tree oil. I have one that is ok to be applied directly to the face with a cotton ball or q-tip. (You should be careful, however, that you READ the bottle before applying it directly to your face. From my understanding, full strength tea tree oil needs to be diluted before putting on your face.) It seems to relieve the redness quickly and help heal them. It has anti-bacterial properties to do so.

I know I have more things I discovered recently, but these are what I can think of for now.

Do you have an interesting tip to share? It can be for anything – health, hygiene, house. Feel free to comment with yours!

Bake It Tuesday

What a Spring!!

Even though it didn’t feel like Spring with the crazy weather here, we were busy doing Spring things. :) I am still baking, even though the weather is getting warmer.

This week, we tried a new recipe I found in a magazine some time ago and cut out to hold on to. It turned out great, and I plan to make it again.

Banana-Peanut Butter Muffins

1 cup all-purpose flour

3/4 cup whole-wheat flour

1/2 tsp salt

2 tsp baking powder

2 medium bananas, mashed

1 large egg, beaten

1/3 cup sugar

1/3  cup vegetable or canola oil (coconut oil can be used)

1/2 cup milk

Creamy PB or almond butter

jam or jelly, for topping (honey is another great topping!)

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Grease 30 mini muffins cups or 12 regular size. Mix flours, salt, and baking powder in a bowl.

2. In another bowl, mash bananas. Add egg and sugar. Then mix in oil and milk until smooth. Slowly combine dry ingredients with wet ingredients, taking care not to over-mix the batter.

3. Drop 1 TBSP of batter into each mini-muffin cup (or 2 TBSP if using regular size cups) and top with 1/2 tsp PB. Place 1 tsp of batter on top of the PB to cover. Bake for 13 mins or until dry on top (20 mins if using regular size cups). Spread jam, jelly or honey on top just before serving, if desired. These will keep for 1 day covered at room temp or up to 4 days in the fridge.

Addy loved honey on hers, while the other kids and I enjoyed jam on ours. Arthur took one in his lunch. They were pretty tasty! The dollop of peanut butter inside was a nice change from our usual peanut butter muffins! I used regular size muffin cups; next time I’ll try the mini-muffins….hopefully they’ll last a little longer, if it appears there are more to go around. :)


Menu Plan: June 7-15


Eggs, bacon, toast x 2

Baked Banana Chocolate Chip Oatmeal

Pancakes x 2

Honey Baked Oatmeal


Buttermilk Blueberry Cake

Banana PB Muffins


PB & J x 2

Leftovers x 5

Cheese Tortillas, fruit, carrot sticks

Grilled Cheese, chips, fruit


Chicken Penne Pasta, Corn, Bread

Chicken Enchilada Bake, Tortilla Chips, Salsa

Loaded Baked Potato Soup, salad

BLT Salad, Couscous, Bread

Sweet Chili Rolls, Salad

Potato & Sausage Frittata

Frozen Pizza, carrot sticks and other raw veggies

Grilling x 2 (hot dogs, hamburgers), fruit salad, chips


Fruit (we have a lot this week to choose from: grapes, nectarines, bananas, apples, strawberries, blueberries, cherries)

Graham crackers

Chocolate Pudding

Granola bars


To Catch You Up…

I knew these past few weeks were going to be busy, but wow!

My oldest daughter had surgery, and we were occupied with keeping her comfy while she healed. The three girls and I were all in a wedding this past weekend. We were so busy with the rehearsal night, then the whole wedding day. We stayed with my in-laws, since the wedding was near them. I was exhausted just from packing clothes for the 2 days!

Ethan cut 2 teeth on the bottom, so he has been more fussy than normal. He is sleeping through the night and in Buddy’s room, so I am happy about that!

Buddy has been pushing buttons (literally and figuratively); that has been the most difficult issue lately. He is a week away from being two, and I am already wishing he was four or five. :) He is just so needy and whiny sometimes; it is my fault for babying him.

Addy can reach the light switches in the house all on her own now! That is a huge accomplishment for my teeny tiny girly. She is so proud!

Lily’s allergies have been ridiculous! Poor girl has been congested then fine then congested then fine. Today is a bad day for her; she isn’t happy with the sneezing and coughing and runny nose.

Iris is healing well. We found out one of her stitches tore, but the doctor said the scar will be minimal and she is healing great. The surgery was on a sensitive area, so she struggled with getting comfy when she first got home. She was brave and tough, though; she and I have really bonded from her having to be so dependent on me for the few days right after.

I am supposed to be napping right now. Ethan’s morning nap overlapped into lunch time, so he wasn’t sleeping with the bigger kids had their naps/rest time. These kinds of days are so tiring; I asked Iris to give me 15 minutes to rest on the couch. As soon as I close my eyes, Buddy is saying, “Mom! Mama! Mommy! MOM!!!!” I open my eyes and ask him what he wants; he just smiles and says hi. :) Frustrating and adorable at the same time. And he just stood there to yell whenever I closed my eyes again. Sooo, I gave up on the rest/nap.

Our garden is doing great. I need to get a trellis for our peas, but other than that it’s good! Iris and Lily sampled some early lettuce and said it was yummy, so I am going to go grab some to toss into salads for tonight!

It’s a little windy here, but I need to throw these kids outside to burn some extra energy.

I plan to be back at regular posting soon. No time frame, though. We are finishing up the school year and our busy month, so hopefully I will be back in the nest week or so!


This week is National TV Free Week. We are observing it here…somewhat. :) It honestly has been pretty easy because A) we have school in the mornings and B) it’s been so nice out. The kids have been going outside around 9am and staying out mostly until lunch. Today, though, they did some inside to finish schoolwork because we were all sweating so badly! Some of the little ones lie down for naps after lunch, and the rest of us hang outside until I need to work on dinner.

Since I’m keeping the kids from the TV most of the day, I said I would stay off the computer just as much. So, my posts on here are lacking because of it. And I don’t mind because we have had a lot of fun outside. It’s been a lot quieter and less stressful, when I stay offline.

I am also not working off of a menu plan this week. With less stress of posts and my Facebook addiction (I hear it’s a real thing now), I have been planning as I go. So far, so good. We’ve enjoyed Cheeseburger Mac Casserole and Taco Night. This evening, we are having my version of Chicken Cacciatore.

OH, and we have a fence now! So, that’s another plus to our week. The kids can roam around while I am in the kitchen…and I can see all of them. And the dog LOVES it! no more leash out there for him.

My husband also built me 2 garden beds and surprised me with a tumbling composter! We’re experimenting with the garden and the composting. I’ve been reading up on both and I am praying we have a successful garden. I feel like I WANT to have a green thumb, but that maybe I don’t really have one! I guess we’ll find out!

Happy Spring…finally!

Bake It Tuesday

I am putting my dehydrator to good use this week! Believe it or not, I really wanted one for my birthday and my husband got it for me last Summer…..but I’ve only used it ONCE! I made banana chips right after I received it.

This week, I decided it was time to pull it back out!

Yesterday, I made pineapple chips. With just one pineapple I got probably 25 chips. I made them pretty thin, so we could get more out of it. :) I figured just a couple of the kids and I would like them, but SURPRISINGLY my husband likes them. He doesn’t eat pineapple, but he loved the chips! Even asked me for some in his lunch today. Yay!

Today, I am working on apple chips. I used just 4 apples, but it covered 3 1/2 trays, so hopefully that’ll be a decent amount. I was going to sprinkle them with cinnamon but decided to do this first batch plain, so we’d know who really liked the taste.

I LOVE dried fruit. So easy to do and pretty healthy too!